Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas

We have gifts for every type of rider and for every budget, If you have a cyclist in your life stop by and we'll help you fine the right gift for both of you.

Chain lube is a must for everyone! It doesn't matter if you an average Joe or Greg Lemond. If your bike has a chain it needs chain lube.

Turn your smart phone into a cycle computer or carry a muti-tool to get out off a jam.

Be seen! let people know your on the road with flashing safety lights from Cat Eye. Track you mileage, keep up your average speed, or just see how fast you can go with a cycle computer.

Protect that skull of yours with new helmets from Scott. Get the ultra compact 1-bike carrier from Allen its so small you won't even notice it stowed in your car.

Keep your legs in shape over the winter with out loosing the feel for your bike. Bring the little one along for the ride with a removable Topeak child seat. Stay connected with new shoes from Scott.