Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scott Metrix 40 X Portland Design Works

This 2013 Scott Metrix 40 Hybrid Bike features incredibly comfortable Flat bar specific road geometry and includes hydroformed alloy frame and fork. This makes a great bike for anyone wanting to rack up the miles and stay fit. The upright geometry allows you the have a commanding view of the road which makes this a good commuter and city bike. The Shimano drive train delivers top quality performance.

The pictured Mertix 40 has accessories from Portland Design Works. The PDW Spaceship & Rad 500 light set help you see and be seen on the road. The easy to remove and install PDW Origami Fenders keep you dry and clean in all weather conditions without weighing your bike down.

2013 Scott Metrix 40 $599
2013 Metrix as pictured: $669.99