Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Product : Fairdale Bicycles

The Fairdale Flyer is a fun and comfortable cruiser made specifically to keep you rolling. The dual toptube allows for a more aerodynamic frame when traveling through time. Equipped with Odyssey front and rear u-brakes, Flux capacitor, 13 tooth freewheel, and a 3-piece BMX crank which powers the 33 tooth Fairdale sprocket ensures a smooth and sturdy ride for years to come. A super fun bike for anyone who wants to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The Coaster is an affordable single speed bike for someone looking to coast around not looking like a total hipster and be able to stop without using their hands. Also loaded with Odyssey grips, pedals, 3-piece BMX crank, and a sealed MID bottom bracket will make this bike last a lifetime. Receive 10% off with a pair of cut-offs that are too small.

Can you imagine using only one thumb to shift through 9 gears like a boss? Well, imagine no longer, the Fairdale Weekender is here and ready to replace your car, truck, or horse. Assuming your horse doesn't have a set of Avid mechanical disc brakes, fender and rack mounts, Continental tires, or free of fecal matter. Come down here and get your's today!