Monday, November 9, 2015

Lights by Sigma

The BUSTER 200 impresses with a bright 200 lumen output, an integrated lithium ion USB rechargable battery, and a 50 meter beam range. A silicone cover protects the aluminum housing on night rides while the powerful LED lights the way. Great burn time, great battery capacity, charge indicator and six light modes make this light a must have! only $39.99

The BUSTER 600 illuminates the trail perfectly. It is not only ideal for night rides, it can also be used for other night time ourdoor activities. The two-level battery charge indicator displays the battery status during use. If the battery capacity drops below 70 percent, the LED in the POWER button lights up green. On reaching 30 percent battery capacity, the LED lights up red. Even with the integrated battery, the BUSTER 600 only weighs 143 grams. It is so lightweight, you won't even notice it if you attach it to your helmet. The integrated battery makes an external battery pack and annoying cables a think of the past. only $89.99

The colorful SIGMA MICROs are practical, useful, and let you be seen everywhere. The attractive LED lights are suitable for a broad range of uses both in everyday life and during sport. only $9.99ea