Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Judging a book by its cover ?

Mountain Biking Has an Identity Crisis… And it Affects Us All

The link above is an interesting read. Its true, I see it right here in the store, many new customers are reluctant to buy a mountain bike because in their mind mountain biking is extremely difficult and dangerous. A common quote is "well I won't be going off any cliffs" or " I'm not riding down the side of a mountain" Of course this is not true and riding in the woods is usually a very peaceful and safe experience. It can be successfully marketed this way as well, we sell Salsa Cycles which bases their whole marketing strategy on fairly realistic and mild "adventure riding" and are very successful with this model. We also sell Scott Bicycles which uses a more radical advertising approach, some of their print is actually featured in this story. Both brands sell equally well for us so whose to say? The extreme videos are fun to watch, and anyone that rides knows that its not what is really happening out there, but if you've never been out there how would you know? A book being judged by its cover? maybe we need a new cover.